Our services range

Veus Dental Labs is an all purpose laboratory offering everything from crown and bridge to night guards and whitening trays.

For our Fixed Restorations we use a wide range of material including Porcelain Fused to Metal, Full Metal, E.Max, Composite and Zirconia. Each case is carefully pressed, milled and made using the very best material and the latest technology; ensure the highest quality and consistency.

We are also able to offer a wide range of Implant Restorations with either Titanium or Full Zirconia custom abutments, with a crown of your choice, for any implant system! For more information please contact us directly.

For a full list of our restorations and prices, please contact us directly.

Metal ceramic/ PFM (non-precious)

ISO 13485 compliant Nickel and Berylium free base metal. 

Fully morphological detail.

Layered shading in Ivoclar IPS ceramic.

Metal ceramic/ PFM (precious)

ISO 13485 compliant precious base metal.

Fully morphological detail.

Layered shading in Ivoclar IPS ceramic.


IPS E.Max litium disilicate substructure

Available in pressed or CAD/CAM processed

Full morphological contouring

Layered shading


Layered Zirconia substructure

Finished with Ivoclar IPS ceramic

Full morphological contouring

Layered shading

Full metal

Available in:

Non-precious Silver

Non-Precious Gold – NHS acceptable

Precious Titanium


Shade layered composite to achieve beautiful aesthetic result, high stregth and low shrinkage.

Acrylic dentures

Full Complete or Partial dentures

Fabricated with Dentsply acrylic and Ivoclar teeth

Chrome dentures

Beautifully finished cobalt chrome denture base

Manufactured with Remanium alloy for strength and flexibility

Flexi dentures

Premium Quality, High strength flexi dentures.

Optimium aesthetics and biocompatibility.